Delirious, deranged, and insane.

Happiness is forever bliss.

-Wife of Thor, Lover of Loki, Lover of R, Lover of Neville, Lover of Christian Bale, Girlfriend of McLovin, and Bestfriends with Bruce Banner and admirer of Heath Ledger and The Beatles.-

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finally a UN that can bring peace and happiness to the world



if i ever see paul again im gonna get front row seats and make a sign that says something like “let me propose on stage” u know and then I’ll go up with someone and pretend im about to propose to them but I’ll ask paul to marry me instead and he’ll be so shocked and flattered he’ll HAVE to accept

GENIUS. i can only hope the sign i made for my paul concert will work like this

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ordering pizza online is the best technological advancement since the internet itself

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the cat makes this pic